“How will filing for bankruptcy affect my retirement?”

What is your perspective about filing for bankruptcy in regards to saving for retirement? Submitted by Chris C. When it comes to any financial decision, everything affects everything. Kudos for thinking about the impact of bankruptcy on retirement planning. The decision to file bankruptcy is a big one, as it will impact your financial life…

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Steps to Get Retirement Ready at Every Age

You’re never too old or too young to prepare for retirement. Sure, starting early is best (you can do more with less), but if you’re just getting started, focus on what you CAN do rather than what you missed out on. Here’s the deal. If you’re in your 20s: Get ready! Start NOW and save regularly.…

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Four Myths about Personal Finance

Woman walking in crosswalk

There are a lot of financial myths out there that simply aren’t true! Making good financial decisions starts with having the correct information you need to make those decisions. I’m going to go through four common myths about personal finance to get to the bottom of those misconceptions. 1. “Paying rent is throwing away money.”…

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