Scratch & Save
Earn points as you save money, read articles, post on our forums, and more. Redeem 250 points for a digital scratch card. You can get up to three digital scratch cards every week. Just scratch to see if you won an extra $5 to add to your savings!
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How it Works
1. Earn Points
Earn points as you improve your financial health. You’ll get points for saving money in your linked account, reading articles on our website, posting in the forum, planning your budget, and even logging in to your account.
2. Redeem for a Digital Scratch Card
For every 250 points you earn, you can redeem for a digital scratch card (or other prizes). Just log in to your account to redeem.
3. Win
Each scratch card gives you a chance to win $5! You can redeem up to three scratch cards per week.

Yes, you can win multiple times. (And many people do!)

It’s really easy. Just sign up for SaverLife and securely link the existing savings, checking, or PayPal account that you’re already using to save. In your dashboard, you’ll see a list of activities you can do to earn points. Once you have at least 250 points, you can spend them to buy a Scratch & Save card.

Every week, there are 200 random winners. Your odds of winning will depend on how many SaverLife members play that week.

If you win, you will have the option to get paid via PayPal, Venmo, or ACH transfer. Once you provide payout details, your payout should be processed within three business days. You can log in to SaverLife to see the status of your payout. See Official Rules for more details.

Every week that you save at least $5 in the account you’ve linked to SaverLife, we’ll reward you with 250 points - enough to redeem for a chance to play Scratch & Save!

To earn points for saving, first log in to SaverLife and make sure that you’ve linked your bank or PayPal account. Then all you have to do is transfer or deposit at least $5 into that linked account. We’re looking at the net increase over the week, so if you take money out, you’ll need to put it back by the end of the week to earn your 250 points. We check on Monday at 9am PT to see whether your balance has increased by at least $5 since the previous Monday at 9am PT.