Financial Emergencies

Started by Aireana B.
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Aireana B.

Always a flat tire!! And I mean flat!! Sometimes I didn’t have enough money but luckily there’s Zelle and my mom! Lol


Becki B.

In the past i was lucky that i had a period where My hands werent swelling and i could crochet some fingerless gloves to sell to friends to get us over a rough patch. But finding that leeway where there is interest and i can make things is always hit or miss.


Amie K.

Applied for everything I could think of for assistance. Now I have trouble with getting assistance from assistance. Can they make living anymore harder to survive than it already is?


Richard S.

May God Bless Us All


Renee P.

I pray that we all find help.


Shannon P.

Struggling right now myself as well. I pray one day I wont have to constantly worry about money.


Hannah D.

It's been rough for me too lately.


Jacqueline G.

I know it is hard to deal with emergencies and not having the money to pay for it, is not fun. I need to save more money.


M K.

Apply for the Emergency Broadband Benefit. If you qualify, you can get $50/month off your internet bill, as long as your provider participates in the program. I think all the big ones do, but those of us that live in the country without cable access might not be able to use it.

Read about it here:

Also check if you qualify for the federal Lifeline program, which offers a discount on phone service. I think it's about $10/month. You can apply here:

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