3 survey sites that truly do pay!(:

Started by Alyssa S.
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Alyssa S.

Okay so I'm sure some of you have tried the survey thing or $$$ apps and got easily fed up very quickly… But im going to share 3 survey sites that are all partnered together by the same company that really do pay and are worth it.

Each site contains 100's of different survey routers who have surveys from many different companies. They even have a partnered site on each of them as well to earn income just from watching/letting videos play from your device.
One of the things i love most about these 3 sites im going to share with you is the fact that they all show you polls of how much other people from all over on the same sites have earned and from which survey routers the shown income is from…
So its really easy to navigate higher paying surveys! And obviously referring friends get you & the other person a bonus each time too!

Please be sure to use my link for sign up also please because we will both benefit from this as i said before(: & i will be posting more $$$ apps today that pay just to display ads on your lock screen as well as ones that pay just to submit photos of any receipt from anywhere dated within the sane week.

Last thing id like to note is that i have used each of these for a year or more before considering to even upload then here or anywhere else as a referral. Please feel free to comment below with any questions, id be happy to help out any way i can!!!

  1. https://grabpoints.com/?ref=CTFZ2P

  2. https://zoombucks.com/?ref=RGMQLH

  3. https://gcloot.com/


Alyssa S.

An awesome receipt app that takes all receipts. Please use my link for referral guys(:!

Check points: Use my code Red1998 and get free pts :) http://chk.pt/download_cp


Alyssa S.

Want to get paid just to watch funny videos? You can also upload your own & get paid too! A few games are also available in the app that allow you to rack up points as well. They even have an investment feature in the app that you can double your points with without doing anything!!! Please use my link for referral(:



Shelly S.

Lots of free ways to earn points on Mypoints. You can redeem points for gift cards to stores like Walmart, Bath & Body Works, Old Navy, Amazon, etc and cash via Paypal. https://www.mypoints.com?rb=22590636


Barbara B.

I use PayPal card for everything does it work with that credit card too??


Douglas B.

My Points help me get most of my Amazon purchases for free. I do surveys and use it for reward points online and at stores make about $100 bucks per week in Amazon Gift Cards

Try it here's the link



Alyssa S.

Yes paypal or gift card cashout(: i personally use PayPal often or amazon gift cards as cashout. To those who say its not legit it is… Im a 22 single mom of an 8 month old and one currently on the way. I dont have the time to post fake $@!#% online especially this website i found a couple days ago… And i discovered saver life through my app i downloaded for my EBT card through jobs and family services lmao!!!!! If theres a way to post photos here of my cashouts i can take screenshots of my personal accounts & purchases ive made with them if someone can inform me theres a way too? I looked around on here and didnt see anything option wise too though sadly.

Now if one of the links i posted sent one of you somewhere else it wasn't please let me know which one and ill just post the name of the survey site or the app instead of my referral link so you know its not a scam. I just copied and posted my links from the referral section on each though.


Alyssa S.

My points is also partnered with swag bucks if you guys didn't know that. Which is also an awesome site that has surveys, videos to earn from, games on pc only as well as ncrave on pc only. Rest is mobile for the site though.

Inbox dollars and send earnings are partnered together also and they also payout as well but cashout isnt allowed until $30 is reached which is kinda sucky.


Ann J.

As far as I can tell, you can't make much money on the sites where you get paid to watch videos, click on websites, etc. EXCEPT through referrals. When someone else joins through your link, you get paid for that, so if you know a lot of people - either in real life or online - it can be worth your time.


Sofia M.

Don't seem to work for me either.

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