Another check or not?

Started by Jade L.
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Jade L.

Will there be another stimulas check in the next package?


Alissa S.

No. Most likely not. Articles are misleading, give people false hope.


Charniece B.

The President said there will be another one and they will speak on it, in the next couple weeks.


Julia L.

I've been trying to stay up to date with this too. It would be nice if we do it would help people out especially the ones who are really counting on it.


Madeline M.

I most definitely believe there will be another check.


Estefania G.

I think so, if that is what it takes to get reelected.


Amanda S.

Noone has voted on anything but I think there will be one. This is a political game and each side wants votes.


Gabrielle J.

When they coming cus I need it


Nicole M.

I think it might still come but goes back and forth, I will not get one anyways. I do contest and with my wins, I made too much. Thing is, my wins was not money it was the retail value of prizes. An example is leather jacket, price i would had paid on sale would he $599 or close to that but retail is $1799 but u have to claim income for $1799. So the IRS, treats it as i made $1799, that I didn't pay taxes on. Just those wins, cause no first stimulus check for my family.


Ann J.

That doesn't sound fair, but I know it's true.

Everything I've heard said there would be another check, but I'll believe it when I see it.

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