Any help would be appreciated!

Started by Kristina R.
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Kristina R.

Does anyone know of any financial help? I've applied for everything I've seen others post about on this site already over the last few months & haven't heard back from anyone. I just used my whole paycheck to make my car payment & was still 45$ short and they are telling me they plan on coming to repossess it anyways due to being 45$ short 😭😭 I only get paid every 2 weeks and hours have been cut due to COVID. I'm afraid I just used every dime I had to pay this payment just for them to come get it. I've also checked under the COVID link on this site. I live in such a tiny town that there isn't much resources offered anyways but I've checked into them all. Ive only been late for 1 payment once so it upsets me that they are doing this over 45$. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you


Cat B.

That does seem unfair, anything you could sell on FB marketplace in a hurry?

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