Are we getting a second stimulus check

Started by Maria M.
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Maria M.

Second stimulus check update anybody know if were getting another one


Stephanie H.

Great question I've been trying to follow the news but it seems like Debra Messing with us we as Americans seriously need this extra slimming list this is the most ridiculous year ever


Ashley S.

My family could really use this 2nd stimulus check anyone know any updates?


Sabrina B.

We won't know until they figure it out.


Ashly W.

I've heard after elections.


Joshua C.

Same here. After election is most likely the case.


Ashley E.

Yeah same I was curious as to when we’re getting one and if we are..??


Vanya O.

I think is only for the election, is not correct.


Kourtney B.

maybe. i think so, so someone will look like a hero


Faith L.

The back and fourth along with all "if" they were to decide we could expect to get mixed with all the changes in requirements has many people on my area lost on the actual up-to-date info on the stimulus….. Can anyone help clear up the the current status of where the second stimulus stand and the difference compared to the first??


Maria M.

I doubt it especially if waiting for election. They only want votes. They want us to help them but they are not trying to help us in this time of need


Alexandra W.

There was one passed by the House of Rep months ago, but the Senate didn't like it. So a while later, the Senate passed a very different package (much more business-focused than individual…), so the House doesn't agree. We don't get anything unless the same thing gets passed by both chambers and the President signs off on it. Last I heard, Trump said he would hold it hostage for reelection. Lord knows he doesn't need any stimulus money, so it's not a priority for him ::insert rolled eyes here::


Erica E.

If McConnell gets his GOP bill passed tomorrow or Wednesday, then no second stimulus check. The focus will be on extra weekly unemployment benefits but a low ball offer. It’s a $500 billion dollar bill he’s stuck on.

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