Are you ready to send your children back to school in September

Started by Melody N.
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Melody N.

Are you ready to send each other back to school


Brandy L.

I asked my kids that, if they were ready…I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they told me no, I would do what I can to home school them if it came down to it, but if they choose to go back, I tell them to bring their mask with them at all times, and anything they touch at school, to wash their hands, I'd hate to say this but I'm one of those mom's who gets their child prepared for the worse, …be ready for it..this real life story ain't in no book's


Jennifer A.

Lord no. My granddaughter is in 2nd grade . I'm scared to death


Saudia B.

Absolutely not. It's not practical kids can't sit 6 ft apart on the school bus or in the classroom. I'm all for virtual learning at home with me to make sure they understand the lessons before moving on to a new one. It has made their grades go way up.


Tiffaney P.

I am scared to death. My kids have had no contact since March but the thought of them going back to school is overwhelming.

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