Coronavirus safety tips

Started by Virginia B.
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Virginia B.

There is a little known fact people aren't being told that can possibly help protect people from catching the Covic-19 virus…..NO SHOES IN THE PLACE YOU LIVE… many other countries this has always been a common practice for centuries.


Priscilla A.

Lived like this my whole life! agreed!


Juanita L.

You are so right Mrs.Virginia because how could they come up with a medication for Trump and not all the people they have past away


Vincent F.

Everyone must take their shoes off when they visit. No one complained


Ashley S.

Here's one wear a 😷 stay 6 ft apart.


Ann J.

I hate taking off my shoes when I enter someone else's house, BUT I think you're right: That would be an important way to avoid catching it.


Eddie L.

I hope the corona gets cured


April J.

I am praying for everyone to be safe.

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