Covid emergency funds

Started by Ella T.
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Anonymized A.

Can I reapply if I was denied a few months ago?


Nicholas N.

I think so. It depends what you were denied for.


Alexis K.

I really think they should have funds to help single parents with low income with a way of going. They have no transportation in my city. It's not easy to do what's needed without a way of going. Knowing with low income you can barely make it with food and bills and needs just to live.


Alexis K.

I need some funds if anything is available. Thank you and God bless


Allen M.

Why don’t they arrive more funds this is crazy. That last check was barley enough to pay the bills from service I already had, not it’s even worse, is there anywhere I can go to find help with this?


Sara M.

I need help who can help. Everyone gets checks and stuff but I have yet to receive one


Rhonda C.

Are there any funds available? Did anyone find out???


Shalanda A.

How can I get emergency relief fund or Grant's for small businesses


Erica A.

I pray to god that I recieve this. It would realy help!!


Alexis K.

Saverlife just wanted to say thank you for all you do it is greatly appreciated. God bless and keep praying.


Trisha R.

Is there any types of funding available at this time? I came here to look at this posting in the forum, but it took me directly to the comment section 😔


Elena V.

Hi. I didn't get a stimulus check because I didn't qualify due to my son claimed me as a dependent but that still wasn't enough to survive as soon as this Pandemic hit.

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