COVID19 Relief Fund Is Real!

Started by Miranda M.
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Miranda M.

I wish I could upload screenshots but fill out the application if you can! The application was on my 'dashboard' when I signed into SaverLife. I will explain the steps…

  1. when you sign into your SaverLife account and you are eligible for the application it will be there ready for you. If it's something you have to search for than its probably an application that isn't available with your account unfortunately.
  2. It will list 3 things you have to do before your application will be submitted
    1. Link your phone number
    2. Link your bank account
    3. Share your story (how COVID19 has effected
      your family in 100 to 1000 words) - my story
      was about 980 words (not sure if that matters
      but I wrote a lot of details)
  3. Once you have accomplished those 3 things you will get a page that says "thank you for submitting your application" and it will give you an applicant # which I was applicant #103,243
  4. I got an email right away saying they will review my application and let me know within a week… About 30 minutes later I got an email saying I was approved for the $500!! I didn't think it would go that fast. In the email it says to watch for an email from a company called "HyperWallet" to get the payment transfer set up.
  5. About 2 or 3 hours later I got the email from HyperWallet saying "SaverLife has sent you $500" with a link to 'claim'. I clicked on the link, put in all my bank info (you can also use PayPal or Venmo through HyperWallet), and then I got a confirmation that I have claimed the $500 that was sent to me by SaverLife (will be deposited in my account in 1-3 days)!
  6. Then I got an email confirming the claim, a tracking # with a link, and an estimated arrival day (which is July 30th)… I will update once it is deposited!

I wanted to share this because I know some people are wondering how to get the application, the steps, and how it works. Please please if you have been approved make sure to claim the money with HyperWallets email! Check your Spam/Junk folder too as that's where my email was. Let me know if you have any questions about the process I went through!


April J.

Thank you, Miranda, for sharing this helpful information. I guess I need to my story to get the application to my dashboard.


Sabrina G.

What does the application look like on the dashboard. ??? Is it thebwin cash prizes etc ? Cant wait to try it out !!!


Shamsiya O.

Thank, I already liked my account but didn’t get that


Alicia B.

I wasnt even aware of the $500 I was trying to win a scratch off lol. But I thank God I did because I was frauded and my bank dropped me, I have all my bills trying to come out of my account that is locked and im just really trying to think positively.


Shannon P.

It is ,I received it too ! I got mine before the new point system though .Congratulations @Miranda B.


Marcella J.

It definitely is real and an amazing resource. I was blessed to receive it as well and it couldn't have come at a better time thank you so much saverlife!!


Stephanie H.

Well great info Miranda thank you very much for the clarity I've been trying to keep up and checking in Daily the money will be very resourceful I'm trying to keep my saving tub but then these bills come then I rather pay them off


Amy S.

This wud be awesome start for August
May God Bless And Heal Us All In Jesus Christs Name Amen By Faith


Rachel R.

I got this relief from saverlife, and I don't say that to brag or anything but to also say it isn't a joke or scam. I was scared at first that it might be because who gives out free money. But it's really real. And I thank God for SaverLife. That $500, tho it may seem small to some, started a chain reaction of positive outcomes. I used it to fix my car, which I was then able to make it to a job interview (that had a deadline so I thought I'd never be able to make it but luckily I didn't cancel my appointment), which I got and the job started 2 days later. I'm still there. So without that money I wouldn't be where I'm at today.


Brittney F.

Thanks so much does it come as a clickable application link?

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