Dose any one know about the 2nd stimulus

Started by Ashley A.
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Ashley A.

Are we post to get a second stimulus that whats I been hearing from my next door neighbor she told me we post get another one at the end of July just making sure if so she was right


Melody N.

It is definitely not a definite the president has to approve it


Melody N.

It was approved by the Senate but has to be approved by president


Subrena L.

I have read that they is going to vote on it mid July. So I am assuming when aplroves it will be August before receiving the stimulus.


Alyssa B.

I was also wondering the same thing hopefully fingers crossed


Liliana A.

Yes they Will on the Next few weeks


Candy A.

I hope they come to an agreement soon. Me and my kids sure can use the money due to the pandemic.


Gabrielle J.

Hopefully it gets approved


Elena V.

Yes I've read about this also. I pray that it passes because people really are struggling these days especially with children.


Kimberly L.

They are suppose to vote in July around the 4th. The President said today that we will be getting another one, but you know he $@!#% flops, so IDK.


Samantha M.

I hope and pray we get another!


Alissa S.

It’s probably not going to happen… I see so many articles everywhere about a second one but it’s misleading and giving ppl false hope. They are just trying to make money off the articles

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