Food Budget is too High anybody got tips for clipping coupons

Started by Douglas B.
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Douglas B.

I saw a show extreme couponing few years ago does it really work to save big money on groceries. If so anybody have any coupons websites to go to?


Courtney G.

Yes it is . I coupon and I have a huge stockpile. A friend gives me inserts and I also print the ones I need. I only buy certain things when there bogo. You can also write companies and they will send you coupons for free products. Join some of the coupon groups on Facebook. Dollar General 411 is a great one . Idk what state your in but if you have a Publix , Winn Dixie/ Bi LO you save tons.


Cat B.

Old person tactic.



Heather B.

My kids are literally eating me out of house and home now that they aren’t in school… need some way to make the food budget work.


Sofia M.

Check out local food banks and drive through, no contact food give-aways.


Tonyelle D.

I been googling food things I get food stamps but they dont last long

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