Grocery expenses increase but not EBT benefits

Started by Susan A.
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Susan A.

Even with currently receiving the maximum EBT benefits in my state, which gives our family an additional $130 per month, our grocery expenses have continued to increase the last few months making it impossible to feed my family without additional resources such as food pantries. Will benefits be reviewed/adjusted in January to possibly increase the amount of EBT to account for rising food costs? I have three children who qualify for free meals at school, but school meal options are changing dramatically in our district to meet health department restrictions in response to Covid practices… Two of my three children have dietary limitations as a result of disabilities including sensory challenges. Trying to send meals at my expense will put food costs well above what I can afford and I will be forced to chose between food and utilities. In my area, groceries have increased by up to 200 and even 300% raising my grocery costs from $100 - $150 per week to $200 - $300 even with the use of coupons and discount stores and menu changes to address the shortage of money.


Cynthia D.

I think we need more foodstamps.what we get now is definitely not enough


April J.

I have a 2 years old son who lives with me and I am trying to make sure we have enough food stamps to get food. He currently has WIC now so it pretty much I still have enough food stamps for both us to eat. I do pray for everyone to have enough of everything they need for their families.


Jasson R.

That would be nice, if I could qualify for it.


Alissa S.

They should definitely increase it


Nicole M.

government should monitor the appropriate costs if groceries

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