Have anyone won money

Started by Catherine C.
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Catherine C.

Looking for ways to earn extra cash on this site. Any suggestions?


April J.

I am trying to find a way to get extra money too. My son and I need help badly down here in Las Vegas NV. I am going to stay strong for him and make a way to support the both of us.


Johnna W.

Same here- desperately needing methods to locate available funds or jobs that I can do with two kids in homeschooling and our intense medical needs and appointments. It’s not easy at all and I feel like I’m drowning!


Douglas B.

I've been using a company called MyPoints they give you points for surveys, buying normal things online and in-store purchases. It works I'm making like $25-35per day. I get Amazon Gift Cards but you can get a lot of other gift cards for your time it's easy if your home bored and laid off like me.
Here's the link


Demarkus H.

Also looking for side gig


Linda W.

Has anyone won anything on the scratch ticket?


Grady S.

Yes ten dollars and a friend received 500


Kathryn C.

Looking to make more pints


Shelly S.

won $5 on the scratch off twice


Barbara B.

I must have the worst luck in the world because I have never won anything for 6 months now and then I've told all my family and friends about saverlife and I swear after only 1 to mot even 2 full weeks time and they've all (except one other family member ) have actually got the 100 and 4 of them for the 500.. lol…im honestly just happy they were able to get help because I'm NOT the only one who needs help right now and yes sometimes it drives me crazy because I have never had any luck and those same people who have won are just lucky!! Good luck everyone and remember that you can get a covid19 survey on your dashboard here and receive the 500 so do it!!!


Johnny T.

I've won the 5$ once I wish they would send me the 500$ email link


Ruben L.

Is this real hope they don't hack my bank account


Amanda P.

I won an scratch off and it that’s been a month ago and I can even redeem my 5

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