How are people dealing with the shelter in place/lockdown?

Started by Danielle B.
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Danielle B.

Myself? I'm just trying to read more when I'm not working, and I'm learning new things like tap dancing 😂It's a way to pass the time and I get to laugh at myself in the mirror?

How are y'all holding up?


Kenneth W.

I started a couple of courses at Udemy. I also sarted playing with penny stocks at Robinhood.


Nicole C.

I have been meditating and enjoying quality time with my kids and my mother. Being out of work is very stressful during this time trying to make ends meet but I will not give up. I trust the Good Lord to make a way.


Maria B.

That’s great just keep your mind busy and show how much you value yourself.


Verna W.

Chasing my wild kids , helping with daughters school work , preparing to start my own business 🙃


Danielle B.

@Verna - handling kids these days can be tough! What business are you hoping to start?!

I found these resources for parents:

^My favorite is the Facebook live events! I just plop my little ones to watch the animals for a bit so I have the chance to get a little more work done. The extra hour of screen time is something they like, and that's another hour I can just focus on what needs to get done in the house!


Cheston P.

Got me realizing how thankful and grateful I am for my freedom and also got me going insane at times


Danielle B.

@Cheston - Yes, it's good to find time to be grateful for things like that. What are you doing to be okay during these times? For me, I've been trying to reconnect with old friends


Shelley B.

I've finally buckled down on losing all the weight I gained from having kids since 2012!!! I started taking these plant-based supplements and I'm already down 2 pants sizes. I have tons of energy to spend with my kids. And even though we're in the house all day - I'm not eating cause I'm appetite is controlled!!! Come to find out - since I've been sharing this opportunity with family and friends I've made money too!!! Now I'm working on creating my business! I've really been turning a negative into an amazing positive!!! I truly feel that this time hear is a sign for all of us to slow down and re-evaluate our lives… get our priorities straight and get back to basics… Family first!!


Keyara W.

Having fun with my little Been rough at first but we been getting homework done and doing alot other indoor things

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