How do you celebrate birthdays during a pandemic?

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Saver Life Moderator T.

Comment your experiences/suggestions in this thread!

  • What does saving for these parties look like?
  • Do you opt for a virtual celebration?

–SaverLife Moderator Team


Courtney G.

I ordered food from out local grocery store . (Publix if you have one you know their food the bomb) And have only immediate family over


April J.

My son and myself birthdays are in February 2021 and I just wish the COVID doesn't get in the way of us going out. I will be working hard on saving money until our birthday come up. It going to be just me and my son celebrating our birthday in February together. I will see how everything will goes until next year 2021.


Meagan L.

…my 26th birthday is November 15th my moms is Nov. 6th..then Thanksgiving Nov 26th all back to back… since the pandemic Ive been dreading my mine and my moms bdays not to mention any holiday coming up bc im out of a job no money for anything nowhere to go socially to celebrate. Nonstop worrying stressing financially screwed so i cant go home to my family for anything. just wanting to cry thinking bout how different it is going to be. @saverlife


Melissa T.

Only immediate family but with kids, a cake & pinãta go quite a long way & also helps relieve pent up energy & stress for both kids & adults😁 i suggest 2 separate pinãtas…give the adults a chance😜


Kenyata W.

A small cookout with immediate family play games and learn some new tic tic videos


Tramaine J.

My first time signing up and scatch off and won $5 ☺


Brittney F.

I celebrated my 30th 🎂 BIRTHDAY right before the pandemic in February. It was just me and my 10 year old. Its been this way for the last 4 years. We go to to my job (acme) (Albertsons) grocery store, get a birthday cake and just get some scary movies and popcorn. Watch the scary movies and eat popcorn and then have birthday cake. Its the best. Just spending quality time with my son is all I need.


Angelica H.

I got the kids involved in the baking and meal prep. Then we face times those that couldn't be there.


Mayra C.

My birthday is next month. Wonder if anyone will remember


Tonyelle D.

My sons birthday was in sept. and I am having him a late party because Florida cant seem to get stuff under control

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