Is anyone earning point for weekly deposits?

Started by Sarah L.
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Sarah L.

I haven't received points in three weeks.


Kenyata W.

i don't think i'm receiving mine either


Vanya O.

Hello, yes is a little change.


Pat G.

I am new! I just signed up…..


Trisha R.

Yes, but the points are a little delayed. For example, I deposited money into my savings account last Monday, and my points for it did not show on here until that Thursday/Friday.


Shavon O.

I get it sometimes but it's delayed by approximately a week when I get it.


Deborah M.

For a few days I have been having problems getting my points. The system has not been the best lately.


Cat B.

No and sometimes not for posting in the forums or reading articles. The point system is now like the scratch off ticket, not very good odds of getting it.


Alexis F.

I am new. Is this good or bad?


Christina E.

Just started new to this


Gina H.

It seems to post later in the week. I did a deposit on Tuesday, but my points haven't registered as of today.


Angela P.

It is not working. I deposited $100 for the Race to $100 and it is still not showing up.


Adam R.

Nah site is clearly pretty janky. Had to go back-and-forth like 5 times with support email, and send them screenshots, just to get them to “look into it.” Log Your Budget feature not giving points currently either. Pretty clear this site is held together by duct tape.


Deborah M.

I just got my points from reading the day's article yesterday. I have no words for this site.


Malia S.

I did but not anymore since I can't make deposits right now.


Jacob W.

I love the idea of this site, but I am
Having Trouble navigating anything but articles. Even how to post my own post is difficult. Any suggestions? I don’t know where to to see notifications? I was looking forward to logging my budget but I can’t find my past ones to hold myself accountable nor can I figure out how to post another? Let’s not talk about the points, because it sounds nice to win, but I’m here for help financially with my earnings, I want to use the site how I think it’s intended I just can’t figure it out. Tips?

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