Is Saverlive still giving emergency grants to anyone at all?

Started by Matthew P.
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Matthew P.

Does anyone know anything about this? I know someone months ago that received the grant. I think it's based on zip code and it really hurts sometimes because my friend who received it really didn't need it. I can't be mad at that though. What stinks is that I live in the same zip code as her but I have to have my mailing address ZIP code listed so I don't believe I'm in an area that even offers the grants or would be randomly selected. I sure hope everyone is hanging in there. I can't believe how screwed up the world is right now and I just wish people weren't so divided. I pray everyday that things will get better, and most certainly not worse, but through all this negative news and what not I just try to do one good thing to make somebody's day better no matter what it is everyday. Everyone be strong. You will make it through this. If anyone is having a hard time or need someone to talk to and has nobody ever thinks nobody cares, I care so please reach out it's all you need is a conversation I can help with that or some resources just ask and I'll find what I can to help.


Racheal W.

I agree Mathew, hopefully things start looking up for the economy and people soon. The struggle is very real right now and so many people suffering it’s heartbreaking.


Lakisha B.

It would be awesome if they still offered this to help people who are really hurting during this unprecedented time we are all facing!


Stephanie H.

Thanks I enjoyed hearing you out sometime that's good just to know somebody is out there we're all on the same boat likewise my friend


Brittney F.

Yes they are but it's random. They just come as email.


Fred B.

I think that is a great idea and I wholly agree with your opinion.


Courtney G.

I got a survey then it took me to another page for an interview then it aid they were all booked


Jason T.

The SaverLife team is doing a great job helping people. It's not just about the grants it's about saving money,
meeting new friends and maybe learning something new. The resources and funds are donated so the grants aren't consistent but they're there. Hope everyone is staying safe!


Ian H.

it would be awesome to get some help, i agree


Sharon R.

I hope and pray everything works out for everyone and hope that they find a cure soon


Barbara B.

I am hoping they are still doing it. But, I agree lifesaver is doing an incredible job!! Thank you lifesaver for all you do!!


Sandy N.

Grant seems to be random. Good luck everyone !


Natasha G.

Yes they will come to your email


Robert R.

It would be awesome if they still offered this to help people who are really hurting during this unprecedented time we are all facing!


Elise D.

The application is closed now. I wish. Cause we can't pay rent.


Crystal R.

Would love to be choosen. I could really use it to get some bills caught up.


Trisha R.

Honestly I believe that SaverLife has done a great job by simply creating this website and platform for free, that offers us chances to simply win $5 just for learning and coming together to help eachother, teach eachother and be taught the value and importance of what we are doing with our money. In all honesty, I feel like the grants SaverLife did give out had to of done alot of good for those people


Jenny L.

They sent me an email saying they weren’t able to match my contact information which I don’t understand because everything is right.


Vanya O.

We passed historic moments for the virus and we need to help more together.


April F.

This would be a great help of they were!!!

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