Need extra ways to earn money Try This. 17,000 and 11,600 points (about$110 and $75)

Started by Douglas B.
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Douglas B.

Mypoints is a survey site and much more they give you points for online shopping, in-store shopping and offer deals for products and services you might need or use already (Mypoints is NOT a SCAM they have been in business for over 20 years.) You just have to know how to maximize their point system to make money. For example, right now they have a deal if you sign up to drive for Uber Eats or Door Dash you get 17,000 and 11,600 points respectively after your first delivery within 30 days (under the deals section category is Food& Drink read the fine print to see if your city is eligible and the other qualifications) easy money.
I'm laid off because of COVID and need to earn some money but not too much to mess up my unemployment, so I might sign up for both deals deliver for a day a week and get the extra points (about $185) and pay my gas bill in November because it's going to start to go up.
This is how you make it work, not just doing surveys alone. Check it out especially the Deals section a lot of points to be made in there.
Here's the Link


Lisa P.

Ok thanks for the information! 😊


Tamaria J.

Thank for the feedback


Micky H.

If you've got an extra phone around you can use it for the current app that you can leave on in another room (note do no play it 24 hours a day they'll know you're gaming them and it will ban you). Or you can use it on your current phone while working out. Anyway I think I get about 30 mins of listening on it a day and it makes around $4/dollars a month. My referral link is below.


Nicole M.

I been doing Mypoints for a long time. Love that program.


Douglas B.

Nicole M.
I had my account for a year and never really paid much attention to it until I got laid off. Then I started figuring out their point system and their deals and offers and realized there's money in this if you really focus on how it works. Especially in the deals section that's the easiest way to get big points fast.


Kimberly B.

This sounds good. But I cant deliver in my area. Any other suggestions?


Bridget T.

Thanks for the information 😊


Shannon P.

Thanks for the info


Douglas B.

It really helps. Here's the proof

Mypoints is a survey site(NOT a Scam been in business since 1996) but much more they offer points for online shopping, in-store shopping, and deals for products and services you might use/need anyway.
I'm just a regular guy self-employed and got laid off because of COVID and have been struggling to pay my bills for the last 4-5 months I have used Mypoints since last year but like most people never paid much attention to it because I didn't think you could make money using it.
I was wrong I a few months ago I started looking at how the points work and realized there's money to be made if you spend a little time and effort (You're not going to get rich) but this month I got over 70,000 points (about $450) paid my Electric, Gas, Cable and Cell Phone Bills with it here's how I did it.

I took advantage of 4 Deals they had for products and services I needed these were the ones I did (Northone needed a bank account, Savvy Insurance needed an Auto insurance quote, Stash needed to start IRA and Lifelock needed to protect my identity from fraud) got 38,500 points from these.
I did 4-6 surveys per day with a simple strategy I don't do surveys unless they give me 10pts per minute example 20 minute survey has to be 200pts minimum got about 800-1200 pts per day took no more than 1.5 hours to do. Got about 30,000 points for the month.
Took advantage of online shopping trips like buying things from Amazon etc., In-store shopping trips to the grocery store printed coupons from Mypoints you get points for that(yes I'm the dad with an envelope full of coupons in front of you at the grocery store laugh at me if you want), watched a few videos and referrals totaled another few thousand points.
Redeemed the points for Visa Gift Cards and Paypal because I can use those to pay bills with or get some cash.
I'm not telling you this to brag and it's not a lie it has helped me and maybe it can help you too.
Here's the Link:


La Notta B.

Thanks for the information.


Virginia B.

Google maps has real time information on their platform…..u have to tap the little symbal in the upper right corner (it looks like 2 pieces of paper, one on top of the other) It has lots of information and graf's…. check it out


Heather B.

Thank you for the information

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