Stimulus check round 2

Started by Jessica C.
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Jessica C.

have they figured out when they are send out the checks or is it all talks and game?


Washeta A.

Any word on the legenth of time once its signed


James N.

You might be surprised when you receive your stimulus check. The government says it should be delivered quicker than last time. We should know after Labor Day Monday.


Jael A.

I really hope they are able to deleiver a second stimulus check. I've been so close each month to paying my rent late, but somehow still manging to last minute make it. We are all struggling and I know the government can see that…… xo


James N.

Remember to check the news on Tuesday after the government get back from vacation to find out if they are sending out next stimulus checks.


Ashley B.

I really wish they would let everyone know when we're getting the 2nd stimulus checks. I could use the extra money somethin fierce. Fingers crossed.


Brandon M.

I still never got my check from the first round….


Jessica H.

I didn't get the first one I hope that I can at least get a chance at a second one it hard to get by each month.


Jah Miya V.

I didn't get nun of them


April J.

I have seen them talk about it on the news from Youtube and TopBuzz too. It look like that there will be second round of stimulus check. For those people who are on SSI government will always get them stimulus check. Let see what happen because I need to call the IRS and see why my son haven't got his 500 from the first round.


Tabitha C.

Thanks for the update


Mary H.

The system is broken. And the government really does not care about anything but themselves. This whole situation proves that.


Felicia A.

There are real people out there that need the help, and more to actually get back on point


James N.

Today is the day that we should watch the news since the government has returned from their vacation and should vote on the second round of covid 19 stimulus checks.


Amanda G.

Everyone is in bad need of may God hear our prayers & grant everyone a 2nd stimulus check in Jesus's name Amen


Heather B.

I pray something comes through soon!!


Kimberly N.

The people that haven't gotten the first one, should go to to fill the application out. They are also supposed to send out letters for u to do it incase u were supposed to get one but didn't. Of course that's the news i was told so far. Hope that helps…


James N.

The second stimulus check vote is still pending, hopefully the government will work this out so we can get the relief we so desperately need.


Tanya C.

I Definitely need help… at this point financially and mentally Now on top of not being able to get toilet paper half the time now I'm a teacher also…ughh


Priscilla A.

I hope they get it together and send another one soon!


Joanne J.

People are still waiting for their first check. Now you want to send another one. It was also said that the ones that have yet to receive their first check will receive it before second one is sent out.

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