Stimulus checks?

Started by Megan T.
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Megan T.

My sister got her $1200 via direct deposit today. When are people getting their checks? How much should I expect?


Aurora H.

2019 income tax still in process, requested transcript 3 weeks ago and nothing to date. I recently added my bank information in GET MY PAYMENT portal , says I am eligible and now a whole week NOTHING!! Still same status. People I know who are financially well off have recieved theirs .I was recently cut hours,I have my 4 daughters at home 2 had to come back from college due to closures and one daughter who has not received 1 unemployment check to date…I really need some answers please help if you are ELIGIBLE STATUS


Danielle B.

@Aurora - I have some friends who are in the same boat. Last I read, the IRS is paying people in batches. Are any of your daughters eligible to receive the stimulus check? If so, have they had issues getting the money?

The people I know who got their last tax refunds through direct deposit, they were able to get their money around April 15th. And personally, I have some family members who didn't have direct deposit set up for their tax refunds that usually receive their refunds via check, and they haven't seen anything so far from the IRS :/


Marilyn B.

I am on disability ssi ssa I received my direct deposit on April 29


Cheston P.

I'm on disability and in 2018 I did my tax return but did not do it for 2019 yet so I went to the IRS portal get my payment and putting all my information put in my information and it went through now when I go to the IRS portal get my payment put in my information it says that money check will be delivered will be mailed out on May 1st it's me 15th and still no check in mail oh and the other thing is information the IRS has for my 2018 tax return is not my up-to-date information so I need a change of address for my mail to my new address I just don't know what to do


Danielle B.

@Cheston - If you put your direct deposit information to the IRS through the Get My Payment portal by this past wednesday at 9am, which was the deadline, it should be sent to you via direct deposit. A friend of mine barely missed the deadline. Otherwise, I read that physical checks will be sent out. Is there a way to see if your direct deposit information went through?


Britanny R.

i did files taxes at 2019 they did send me mail than bank so if helpful enough information check my payment or wait for mail arrive. unless depend old address or new address..

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