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Dynasty A.

How y’all feel about this Unempoyment situation


Maria G.

Ohio still hasn't received their extra $300.


Heather B.

I'm not going to lie, I think it's kinda ridiculous. I am an essential employee, so yes I have been working through all this. I have three children one who is in daycare and NOT in school. Which means my grocery bill has went up, electricity has went up, daycare has went up, gas went…. EVERYTHING has went up in cost. But I don't get any extra help, but someone who is on unemployment was getting $600 plus they unemployment payment, and OMG now they are only getting $300 extra. I have friends who said they don't even want to go back to work because they are bring home way work on unemployment then they would normally. I'm not trying to hear peoples negative comments but I think that ESSENTIAL workers should be getting something TOO!!


Maggie S.

I agree 100% with this, I haven’t been back to work in almost a year now because of the extra unemployment income. I’ve gotten more now then I ever have getting paid a check at an actually job. I’m sorry that not everyone who should’ve gotten it hasn’t yet gotten it.

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