You want to make a little extra something to help out I have with this

Started by Douglas B.
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Douglas B.

I've been using a company called MyPoints they give you points for surveys, buying normal things online and in-store purchases. It works I'm making like $25-35per day. I get Amazon Gift Cards but you can get a lot of other gift cards for your time it's easy if your home bored and laid off like me.

Here's the link:


Ferris P.

Great to hear about


Douglas B.


I emailed them here's the response from them
To answer your inquiry, there isn't a maximum points you can earn in a month or year


Courtney G.

With these you only making cents a day


Douglas B.

Jennifer and Courtney: Hope this helps
MyPoints is a survey site but much more they give you points for online shopping, in-store shopping, and deals for companies who sell products and services. I got 30,000 points(about $200) for opening a bank account I was going to anyway so it was free money for me.
A lot of people try survey sites and feel they don't work or it takes to much time to make money, but here's how to make extra money on Mypoints

1.Keep it simple you have to average about 1,000 points a day to make (about $200 per month $2,400 per year) if you're laid off like me and get good you can average about 2,000 points per day or more.
2.You have to take advantage of everything the site gives you points for not just surveys, online shopping trips, instore shopping trips,and especially the deal offers those give you the most points which a lot of the time give me close to a week's worth of points on 1 deal.
3.Lastly don't waste your time if a survey doesn't give you at least 10pts per minute (20-minute survey 200pts minimum) don't do it not worth the time
Redeem points for gift cards etc I like to get the PayPal gift cards because I can turn that into cash easy to pay bills etc but they have gift cards for a lot of stuff.
I know $200 bucks per month doesn't sound like a lot but when your laid off and it pays your Electric, Gas, or Cell Phone bill it helps.
Here's the link:


Micky H.

If you've got an extra phone around you can use it for the current app that you can leave on in another room (note do no play it 24 hours a day they'll know you're gaming them and it will ban you). Or you can use it on your current phone while working out. Anyway I think I get about 30 mins of listening on it a day and it makes around $4/dollars a month. My referral link is below.

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