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Finances 101  September 28, 2023
Tips to Write Your Resume, Nail Your Interview and Negotiate Your Salary

Your resume, interview skills, and negotiation tactics are essential to landing better jobs, advancing your career, and increasing your income. Don’t miss these key job-hunting hacks and tips as you search for your next big opportunity: Write Your Resume Nail Your Interview Negotiate Your Salary Writing a resume, nailing your interviews, and negotiating your salary…

Finances 101  September 27, 2023
Three In-Demand Career Paths that Don’t Require a College Degree

A four year college degree, although needed for many fields, is not required to have a good-paying career.    Your educational path should be determined by what you want to do with that education.  Want to work with your hands? Have a gift for persuasion? Do friends and family come to you with their tech problems?  …

Skill Build Your Way to Making More Money

Much of what we do in life and work is simply learning as we go. However, being intentional about building work skills and becoming the go-to expert at your workplace can help you build your career and increase your income.    Here are 4 ways to build your work skills. 1) Read job postings for positions a…

Finances 101  September 12, 2023
Three Signs You May Be Underemployed and What to Do About It

The income you earn is vital to your financial well-being. Your income is what enables you to spend, save and invest. But there is a threat to your income that should be avoided. Underemployment is a threat to your lifetime earnings.  &nb...

Finances 101  September 19, 2023
Soft Skills at Work: Stand Out and Make More Money

Think of the best boss you’ve ever had. What made them great? They were probably really good at their job, or what we would call hard skills. However, it’s likely they also excelled at people skills, also known as soft skills.  Soft skills are...

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