What is the fastest way to earn?

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Michell H.

Become a seller on Ebay, Amazon, Shopify, etc is the fastest way I know to get income but be aware that competition is strong, if you are using a drop shipper. Thats a high percentage of what you find. Go to yard sales and find items that that will fit in "flat rate" packaging. Call or visit the site of your local post office for the flat rate pricing and see if they will ship the packaging to your address. flat rate boxes an envelopes are free, in some places but, you still have to pay shipping costs. it's a common trick to just add shipping to the price of the item and list it as free shipping. however you do it, make sure you are including all the expense you incur, per item, in the price (like gas, a small portion of phone, electric, rent or mortgage are all business costs). the goal is to earn money, not lose it. don't forget to add state, local and federal taxes. 15% will come off the top for social security and medicare, after that, the fed will take 10% of the first $9950 of total income you make in a year. from 12% from $9951-$40,xxx, etc. taxation is incremental, no flat. you can find this years rates for all you taxes online.

alternately, dividends. i earn, $0.20-0.27 per day selling my data on the ATM(.com) app. it has a little ant as a mascot logo/avatar (whatever you call the character). citizen me is another option. I invest inside of my ETF with acorns.com and in the stock market on public (follow people with experience an see what stocks they have, that are good long term gainers and, learn from the advice they post. build your portfolio up with the expensive stocks and buying them when they are falling so you get them at cheaper prices. dont "watch" them. it will cause you to make bad decisions and cost you money. people panic and sell when stocks dip or get excited and throw money into them when they see a spike. you can lose money both ways, if you are new to investing. beware the cheap stocks. they are good for day trading or a game of swing trading. you can lose a lot of money if youre an inexperienced investor. get to understand the way stocks fluctuate throughout the day, before you play those games. they require you to give the stocks your full, undivided attention and be able to predict when to buy an when to sell. people usually predetermine which volatile stocks they are going to do that with, based on news and financial reports about the companies. theres a federal SEC rule that says you can only make 4 swings a day. after that, you becomea day trader and there are regulations. i'm not a financial or investment advisor (i'm telling you what ive learned in the 3 weeks since ive started investing on the market) and investing is ALWAYS risky. you can even lose money in index, mutual, etf and other funds.

i also just downloaded guuru (an app where you get paid to "chat" an help other people, within your line of expertise) and grapedata (you get paid to fill out industry research surveys yourself, interview other people who belong to those industries or cold call companies and professionals to fill them out. all are acceptable ways to do it). the surveys pay well.they are reviewed before you get paid. you can also be a "brandbassador" an get paid by companies for promoting their products and services. you see a lot of this on channels like youtube, rumble, snapchat, tiktok and pintrest. you can also do this onsite, as a gig. gig and mystery shopping companies and apps have different pay policies. some pay faster than others. if you do gig/shopping work, you are an independent contractor and should insure yourself with an ic occupational insurance company, like openforce. you arent anyones employee and dont get normal coverages and protection guaranteed to employees of a company. that includes workers compensation and paying into social security, medicare and other taxes. you are responsible for that as a business owner. the job boards are like you opening your "help wanted" page every day and looking for work at a new company, every day; never actually being employed by any of them. the boards arent your employer, they are the newspaper. when you go to any agency app, site or map and "apply" for a job, you are bidding on it, based on the experience and reputation you are building up. you are no different from the contractor you hire or the person who does your taxes. you pay them for the job they did, one time and dont think about their taxes, vacations, medical, injury or life insurance, transportation or, any other employee benefit because they arent employed by you. they are an expert professional you hired to form a task. its the same for every independent contractor, regardless of whether they are doing your taxes, fixing your roof, came to your house to take a urine sample or, perform a shop, gig or write a blog/article.

sorry for the long explanation. i just found out that my friend, who has been working as an IC for 2 decades, and was aware she was self employed, didn't understand ANY of this stuff. She about fell on the floor when I was dealing with my IC insurance and asked why I had it. I was surprised she didnt have it. Ive only been doing this a couple years. She didnt know that she wasnt covered by workers comp if she was injured and would be responsible if she caused harm


Ashley H.

Visit Saver Life at least 3 times a week to stay in the "know how"


Devin H.

Yes referral program would boost my time an interest in this for real.


Andrew N.

Ok this is good info. I've been visiting here a lot. Honestly I have not gotten anything even the sign up bonus that was on Facebook for 25 and all


Alison E.

I have won the $5 bonus 5 times, for a total of $25. I just always earn points when they are available by reading articles, taking quizzes, etc, then I redeem them for the $5 Scratch-offs.

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