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What's New  August 11, 2020
5 Troubleshooting Tips for Linking Your Account

Linking your account to SaverLife opens up so many new doors along your saving journey! We want to make sure you have every SaverLife benefit available to you. Here are six tips for linking your account ⬇️ 1. Double check your account credentials This is the most common issue we see. If you are using…

Research  August 11, 2020
Back-to-School Season Looks Different This Year

August is typically when kids get excited about seeing their classmates again and parents can’t wait to have them out of their hair. But this year’s back to school season looks different. This past June, we asked our members if they were planning to send their children back to school this fall. A little over…

Saver Stories  July 27, 2020
Tashana’s Story: Helping Foster Youth Financially Prepare for the Future

Meet Tashana, a social worker who lives with her fiancé and two kids in Virginia. Tell me about where you live and what your home is like. My family and I moved to Arlington, Virginia in December of 2017. Before that, I lived in Erie, Pennsylvania. My fiancé and I got engaged last September. We…

Saver Stories  July 27, 2020
Kimberly’s Story: Securing a Future for her Kids

Meet Kimberly, a car assembly plant employee who lives with her four children (and fur child) in Ohio. What’s it like where you live? I’ve lived in Cincinnati for about 22 years now, but I’m originally from Kansas City, Missouri. The weather is wei...

What's New  July 30, 2020
How SaverLife Helps You Make a Budget

As you’ve probably seen on your dashboard, we’ve added another points-earning activity! Once a week (you can pick the day), you can earn 25 points for logging your budgeting goals for the week. Many of our members asked us if we could be their acco...