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Can’t Wait for Your Tax Refund? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Refund Advance Loans

Tax time is an important time for most families. You find out if you’re getting a tax refund. And this year, that assistance is more valuable than ever. For all of those who are wondering, the IRS will start sending out tax refunds in early March. If you anticipate that you will receive a refund…

COVID-19   Taxes  February 19, 2021
Three Reasons to File Taxes This Year — Even if You Don’t Owe Money

Tax season is underway, but with COVID-19 affecting millions of families across the country, from job losses to medical issues, filing taxes may not be at the top of your minds. This year, more than ever, it’s important to file your taxes, especially if you lost work or haven’t received your full stimulus funds. The…

Taxes  February 13, 2021
The 4 Most Common Tax Errors You Should Watch Out For

It would be nice if we could have a simpler way to meet our tax obligations. But this is the system we have, and unfortunately errors are quite common. Let’s review some common errors that you should look out for. 1. Data Entry Errors The IRS provides a list of common errors. The most common…

Taxes  February 10, 2021
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA): A Free Way to Get Help With Your Taxes

Doing taxes can be frustrating. When every dollar counts, many of us don’t want to spend money to meet our obligations as a taxpayer. Many of us don’t want to be working in software, hoping that the right questions are asked and that you provide th...

Taxes  February 17, 2021
How to Use IRS Free File Delivered by TurboTax to File Your Taxes

You need to file your taxes, but you may not need to pay for it! The IRS offers several ways to file your taxes for free, including VITA sites, Free File Fillable Forms, and IRS Free File. If your 2020 income was $39,000 or less and you’re pl...

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