I’m a walking testimony that SaverLife works, the program is real, and you DO save.
Win real cash. Double your monthly savings rate. Earn activity points. Make healthy money decisions with expert financial content.
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How it works
1. Link your account
SaverLife is not a bank and doesn’t touch your money. Link your existing bank account where you save.
2. Earn points
Earn points as you build your financial health. Read articles, use our budgeting tools, and save money.
3. Get rewarded
Redeem your points for digital prizes or a chance to win cash!
Earn points for improving your financial health. Redeem your points for chances to receive cash prizes.
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Why we're here

4 out of 10 Americans have less than $400 in savings. Millions live paycheck to paycheck.*

It can be extremely hard to save money when you’re constantly paying off debt, medical bills, and other unplanned expenses. Especially in a world where everything is screaming ‘buy me, buy me, buy me’.

SaverLife is here to help you navigate the ins and outs of managing your money.