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Saver Stories  February 15, 2020
Tracy’s Story: Keep Going & Don’t Lose Focus

Meet Tracy, a temporary employment agency employee who lives with her husband and two boys in Katy, TX. What do you do? I’m currently working full-time in a temporary employment agency. I was laid off last year, and I had to really cut back on expenses. While I’m glad that I have a job right…

Saver Stories  February 02, 2020
Candice’s Story: Getting Back on Her Feet

Meet Candice, a Baltimore native who’s looking to get back on her feet after a recent car accident. What do you do? Currently, I’m unemployed unfortunately. It happened right after a car accident. Prior to that, I was a medical assistant for four or five years. It’s really been my passion. Now I’m looking to…

Saver Stories  January 15, 2020
Sherell’s Story: Overachieving on Saving

Meet Sherell, a born and raised Delaware native and mother of two teenage sons. What do you do? I just finished working at UPS because of health issues. I’m not working at the moment, but I’m currently looking for more work. I think the next move might be to something in the customer service field.…

SaverLife News  January 17, 2020
6 Tips for Protecting Your Personal Information Online

It’s that special time of the year again – tax time! With the conveniences of the digital age, t...