Where are the surveys located?

Started by Rodney S.
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Lina E.

It’s nowhere. Xiao would send the link for it IF it’s for you (it’s not for everyone)


Maria L.

I dont know but all my activities disappeared from my account. I cant find any of the actions to complete this morning. its like they took them all off? has this happened to anyone else? thank you for any information you can provide!


Stacy D.

I have gotten a couple surveys before but it's been a little bit since my last one.

Deleted user

What’s the result if you DO end up being sent a survey invite? Do you earn points for it?


Meghan P.

I've been on saverlife for a little over a month, and still have not received any invites for surveys. I wish there were more opportunities to earn points.


Joleen P.

I agree. I feel like there isn't enough activities all together and unless I'm not doing something right, even most of the "what's new" articles aren't new at all lol. Most of them are dated roughly at least a year ago or more.


Zane A.

I've been with saverlife for over a month, and have never received a survey invite. I would very much appreciate the opportunity. Forum moderators, if you see this and have any advice or influence on this, please feel free to do either or both.


Trinisha L.

Never got a survey. Been a avid (😄) member since March 2020. I found out about it on the EBT website. I consistently logged in daily(partially due to my OCD) but I did… for about 1 year. And with saverlife I raised my credit score and saverlife has helped me save thousands!
I think saverlife is really trying yet lack’s the TRUE Platform to achieve the PERFECT BALANCE at what they do, and do,do (may I add) … oh so well. I’ve seen challenges come and go… within a matter of days due to unsuccessful launches. (Ex. The friend referral launch. I referred at least 2 ppl)
My Experience: The only thing that seems to function well on this site… for me at least! Is the guaranteed scratches awarded for me saving at least $5 each week, my awarded points for reading an occasional “newer” article, and an occasional 5.00 awarded from scratches, wittthhhh might I add. An occasional hyperwallet link for an award. So I guess that’s why I saved so well here… because savings seems to work to earn points …. So I do. But I coooouuullddd use more incentives because this is all become just - a bit of a bore. 😐
I mean the community chat rooms have more entertainment reading these (technically OPEN) reviews!!!!
Yet !!! 🤦🏾‍♀️ I keep coming back. To be TRICKED into saving… my own money… to win MO’MONEY… In turn to SAVE!!!!

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