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Christina S.

I have personally made good money from bank promotions and have actually discovered some new cool banks out there. If you have promotion or referral links share them here.


Christina S.

Most banks give promos based on you doing a direct deposit. But if you are like me, you want an extra bank account set up and connected to ur main account and there is no need to move ur direct deposit. So then what? Can u still make money on bank promos? Yes.

Here is my first recommendation and referral link:

for Aspiration Bank.

If you open a spend and save account (make sure to click the 0 monthly charge link when signing up)
You can earn 200 bucks. Here is how:

50 of it you get by clicking my link above, opening the account and only spending 250 bucks. That means all u gotta do is transfer money to it, pay a bill or something, that u were already gonna pay with another account and 50 bucks is yours.

They also say on their site if you spend 1000 in 60 days they will give you an additional 150.00 thats easy. Just pay your rent with it and boom you get 150 bucks.

Here is my second referral link:

I have to post one more referral. This one I was referred to by someone here in saverlife and it works. The bank name is Oxygen and here is the referral link:

With this link as soon as you sign up they give you 10 bucks. It showed up for me the day after I made my account. You can earn 60 more bucks easy: (no direct deposit required) All you have to do is add 500 to your account and use your debit card 5 times in 60 days and boom a free 60 bucks. Even if u dont want to do this part u can still get the free 10 by opening an account.


Christina S.

I have to add a referral link for Yotta as well: Join me on Yotta using my referral code CHRISTINA198 and we’ll both get 100 tickets. Yotta is an FDIC insured savings account recently featured in Bloomberg and Forbes where you can win prizes up to $10M every week.

This is what I know about Yotta, and I did research. This is legit and people really do win using this savings account.

It is a savings account. A cool one. They reward you %.20 savings bonus each month based on what u have in savings - which is way better than the typical bank savings account accruing interest at a much lower rate.

They (like saverlife) reward you for saving money. Every $25 you save earns you a lottery ticket. They hold the lottery daily and the last of the week on Sunday.

You could easily connect your account that you connect to saverlife, get your credits here from saving and then transfer some or all to your yotta and then earn monthly bonus and lottery tickets.

If you use my referral link above you get extra 100 tickets after you sign up and set up ur deposits. Thats a lot of tickets! For the fun of theottery alone and the savings bonuses each month its worth it.

They also have where u can set up savings buckets and set targets on your savings goals.


Christina S.

Here is a referral for Lili - no direct deposit required

If you use this code when you create your account, you'll receive a $50 sign up bonus when you start using your card!

All you have to do is sign up and then spend 250 bucks and then they give you a free 50 bucks.


Christina S.

This post is not for banks but for a paid survey app…. I had to post it cuz it pays.
As far as surveys go, I have seen almost all of them and they almost all suck. You barely earn anything and get stuck in rabbit holes of webpages and never get your credits. The only paid survey site I recommend is an app called Quick Thoughts. I sat here tonight with the app and earned 40 bucks already. They let you cash in 20 bucks a day only, so I cashed in 20 of it and instantly I got my amazon gift cards in my email. They pay a minimum of 2 bucks a survey (so it only takes 5 surveys before you can cash out with 10 bucks) but sometimes the surveys pay more. Also its not webjunk or ad ridden. Its clean effective and it pays. FYI if you want to earn extra cash.


Christina S.

Adding another referral link here. This is for prizepool its like Yotta a lottery based savings account FDIC insured

I'm inviting you to PrizePool, a savings app that pays out thousands of prizes each week totaling $50,000 each month! Get a 10% bonus on all your prizes by using my referral link. My referral code is PP8KD or click this link


Christina S.

I also wanted to mention quick thoughts again is a killer survey program. In this week alone I have earned so far 72 bucks. I would not bother with any other survey app. This one pays.


Christina S.


An update on Quick Thoughts. Its been a little over a week and so far I have earned over $120. They pay out in either iTunes or amazon gift cards. This app is incredible.

Another good survey app I found that truly pays out, and actually pays out in cash, they deposit it right to your account is Branded Surveys. It is a website and not an app so just save a shortcut to the page on your mobile home screen. This one is cool because you have tiers and level challenges which gives an additional bonus payout each week depending on your level, on top of what you already earn doing surveys.

Here is my referral link to get you started:

Its a point based system and the referral link gives you 50 pts upon registration.

I have used it for a few days now and have managed to earn 10 in cash already.


Christina S.

I want to give an update on how Branded Surveys is working out for me. I have been using it for about two weeks now, I have spent a good amount of time on it over the past two weekends and managed to earn a total of $20 so far and reached gold status. The more surveys you do, the higher your your status goes and then they pay you bonus points at the end of the week based. High status equals high bonus points. It is harder to earn money then quick thoughts but the good side is it pays in cash directly depositing to your account, so I am pretty pleased with the program. There is a referral system in place if you need one here it is:

It will give you 50 startup points


Anonymized A.

I have no bank card but a prepaid debit card. But it wont link like a bank card. That's not fair


Christina S.

Hey all, I have another update to add. This is another survey update. I don't like to post referrals to anything unless I know its truly legit and you can really make money with it. Survey sites are a dime a dozen and some are nearly impossible to get anywhere with and you get frustrated and end up giving up before you even really make anything. And then some won't even let you cash out until you earn so much money/points and it can be a hassle. So this survey site below is moving to my #2 favorite survey site (#1 is quick thoughts) moving branded surveys (which I still really like but it is a bit more difficult than this one) to my #3 favorite survey site. So drumroll…what is #2 then?

Referral link:

When you first sign up they don't give you a referral link to share with your friends right away so I had to wait before I could post this. Its always fun to sign up and have a reward there waiting for you instantly so you should have something there.

QMEE pays out in CASH. You can see the cash value of each survey you select instantly. You complete surveys and as you complete them, the money you earn goes into your piggy bank on the app (or website whichever you prefer) but it doesn't have to stay there. QMEE has no limits and let's you cash out what you want, when you want at any time. All you do is hook up your PayPal account (if you don't have one, make one, its free) which you can use itself or you can connect your PayPal to your bank account and send your money there. Its up to you. The process is simple.

So how easy us it to earn money? I have seen surveys range from around 18 cents to over 2 bucks and everywhere in between. I have used QMEE for two weekends now and each weekend I earned 25 bucks and 20 bucks. That's pretty easy cash.

The site also has a lot of cash back and reward offers too that are fun to explore as well.

So if you want to make good quick money on surveys get the referral links above and go!
My top picks
#1 quick thoughts
#3 Branded Surveys


Kezia Y.

Sign up with Income Boosters and recueve money after complete an sign up I made $200 or more so far for Signing up with income Boosters complete 3 booster which one was $100, $40, 15 and $75 join income booster.

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