Getting Started on SaverLife

Where have you guys been all my life? Discovering SaverLife was like finding a needle in the haystack—and I found that needle! SaverLife has been a real blessing. It’s great that you teach people about the importance of savings.” –Laurynn V.

Welcome to SaverLife! We’re so glad you’re here. You’re joining hundreds of thousands of members looking to build better savings habits with us. We know you can do it, and we’re here to help.

Here’s a brief introduction to all the tools and resources we have that will help you along your SaverLife journey.

Tools to Help You Save

Here are some of the key features on SaverLife (see below to find out where to find each feature):

  • Forums = Community. Share your ideas and learn from other members.
  • Money 101 = Knowledge. Read articles and boost your money management know-how.
  • Savings Challenges = Power. Win chances for cash just by saving money!
  • Points Activities = Practice. Complete activities to build your savings skills.

Linking Your Bank Account

To really unlock all that SaverLife has to offer, securely link your savings, checking, PayPal account, or prepaid debit card where you save. Once you link your preferred account, you’ll be able to:

  • Win cash prizes through our savings challenges
  • Earn points for saving money and completing savings activities

Securely link your account now and don’t miss out on getting rewarded for saving! Or read more about linking.

SaverLife on Mobile

The Dashboard is your jumping off point to all the good stuff. Here’s what it looks like on your mobile phone, with some of the key features highlighted for you.

Pro tip: Make a shortcut to SaverLife for super-easy access! Click the menu button on Android or the share icon (see below) on iPhone and select “Add to Home Screen.”

SaverLife on Desktop

Here’s what the Dashboard looks like on a desktop. All the same good stuff is still there!

Pro tip: Make sure to bookmark SaverLife in your browser so you’re only a click away!

We’re always working to improve the SaverLife experience based on your needs and feedback. Check back here if you ever need a refresher. We hope to see you around!

Take Charge of Your Savings
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