When will we get our next stimulus check

Started by Bonnie K.
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Gina H.

A second stimulus payment has not been approved by Congress yet.

They have to pass something in the next few weeks before they take the summer break.

The news will report when it is passed. Then it will be about 6 weeks for the payments to start going out.


Shydia A.

Unfortunately they can’t provide a second stimulus payment until “they,” meaning Democratic and Republican Parties can agree on the next Cares Act. Until then we won’t see another payment.


Stephanie H.

It'll be here the end pf August just go on Forbes group they will help.


Atlanta A.

Good question doesn't seem like its ever going to come


Barbara B.

Hopefully soon!! I know I really need it!! I'm sure all of you guys are needing it also!!


Angelica H.

Our government is so opposed to one another that the livelihoods of US working population is at risk. Unfortunately the Democrats and Republicans do not agree on anything. They aspire to be thorns in each other's sides.


Juan G.

I think there is no check for us any time soon that is a big lost in there eyes a lot of us really do need it but they see it as a huge lost for them


Shannon P.

At this point I don't see it happening. They don't care about us , it's all about more tax cuts for the rich


Sheryl I.

Who knows. both parts of congress need to come to an agreement for that to happen. doesn't look like they're any closer to that.

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