Credit for Caring Act

Started by Joselyn M.
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Joselyn M.

The bill would create a new, nonrefundable tax credit up to $5,000 for working family caregivers who are struggling financially as they care for older parents, spouses, and other loved ones at home. Click here to tell Congress: Pass the Credit for Caring Act now:

Deleted user

Agreed, this is definitely a common situation that should be brought to light.


Natalie S.

Sharing information like this is powerful and seeing the value of doing so is empowering and an act of paying it forward. We all need to keep on sharingg knpowledge.

Deleted user

I didn't know about this bill so thanks for the info! I guess I would be considered a care giver since I care for my daughters 4 children so she can work as much as possible to care for them. I've been living with her the past 5 years. It hasn't been easy for me taking care of the kids and house, so this extra money would be great since I can't work and can't collect social security for a few more years.

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