Money saving

Started by Yesenia G.
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Shannon P.

I'm saving every chance I get ! I have money in several different places not just the bank


Anastacia B.

Does anyone have any specific savings strategy or tool recommendations?


Anna W.

I save every pay check and if I come into an extra money it gets saved too.


Debby T.

Just save whatever you can as often as you can…….every little bit helps!


Crystal S.

I currently started the $5 saving challenge


Joselyn M.

I’m saving through the race to $100 challenge. It is very motivating!


Amy G.

Any suggestions on how to start saving for people with saving challenges? Asking for a friend 🤣


James H.

Online grocery shopping! It's easier to save when you don't go to stores.


Jen D.

I use Ibotta when I grocery shop…I've been getting an average of 10% cash back. I think of it as "free money" and that helps me tuck it away(and not dip into it!)


Michael M.

I save a small fund that I used to stock up, when groceries run their loss leader sales. If their is a limit I tend to go through the line several times


Anonymized A.

If you can set up automatic deposits from your checking to your savings it makes it a lot easier because you don't have to think about saving, it happens automatically!


Noreen D.

I like Fetchers, Coin out and Recap. I scan all my recipes and get points that I can redeem. It's helps to get something back for the money I spend.


Michell H.

signup as secret shopper an do phone shops if you cant go out. most jobs dont require a purchase (reimbursed). i use the presto map for most of my jobs

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