Another apps to earn?

Started by Arlan Jay A.
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Christina S.

Put a search in for bank promo above you will find links. Also do a search for side hustles above and you will get another link.


Tamara R.

What do you mean? Are you looking for an app that helps you track money? an app that helps you think about your budget before you spend money? an app to find side hustles so you have a little extra money to put into savings? an app that gives you coupons and such?


Janna J.

I save cans I just took a car load in yesterday made $50.00 . I return them 5-6 time's a ur. and make that or more each time .


Kim M.

Google search turns up quite a few results, just have to investigate them


Joselyn M.

I make money completing healthy living challenges through WayBetter and StepBet.


Virgil D.

There are alot of different prepaid card accounts that offer sign up bonuses and some are really helpful with keeping track of what you're spending and your income.


Serena S.

Side hustles, sell your old phone or unwanted items throughout the house, sell plasma, there are websites that will buy unused gift cards, return cans/bottles… it all depends on how much effort you're willing to put in and what you have available in your area.
Btw, I cannot exaggerate how easy and flexible the part-time virtual jobs are if you're decent at book keeping or editing papers.


Raine B.

other apps that I use are ibotta, shopkick, and fetch rewards. these apps allow me to buy severely decreased cost - in order to sell online, or donate to food banks.


Noreen D.

Jocelyn, thank I like the healthy living challenges. I walk and ride bike during week. Will check it out..


Nicklaus J.

Limited time offer: Open an account with Webull and get a free stock! Fund it with any amount and get one more!

Then get 3 people under you to signup and get 1 Apple stock worth $146 for you to hold trade or sell and have the money put right into your bank account


Nicklaus J.

This is the best saverlife.

Hi! 👋 Join me on the SoFi mobile app! You can save, spend, trade and borrow — all in one app. Use my link to sign up and you’ll get $15 cash rewards.

Get this one now while it's $15 because it's normally only $10. I originally downloaded this for the signup bonus and ended up being my everyday banking app and it has so many ways to get free money with the app


Nicklaus J.

Hey saverlife friends. All those links I just posted are legit free money and most can link to cashapp to get the money right then or can transfer to some bank


Nicklaus J.

Heres another awesome banking app and get instant $5 for signing up and $5 for every referral and if you or anyone you refer decide to signup for direct deposit it's another $50 I've made Almost $200 just in referrals.

Hey, join me on Oxygen to open a bank account. We would each get $5.00 when you just sign up and an additional $50.00 when you move your direct deposit over.


Nicklaus J.

Join Bambu!
This one here folks is a $20 signup and $15 referral for anyone who signs up with your referral link.

Your friend Nicklaus Jones has invited you to join Bambu!


Nicklaus J.

Want a fun survey site??? How about Take a picture of your loaded dishwasher and answer a couple questions literally like 5 questions and they pay you $1.00 directly to your PayPal account. Or snap a pic of what you are snacking on $.20. easy and fun not just a never ending barrage of questions just to be disqualified.

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