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Started by Cheryl B.
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Kaarina L.

What are your concerns? Post them here, so people can share information with you pertaining to those concerns.


Stephanie G.

I claimed my daughter for 2020 tax season. Her father wants to claim her for the 2021 tax season will I owe for receiving the advanced ctc ?


Amber M.

I am concerned about how long it will take to receive our refunds.


Anonymized A.

I'm not really concerned about filing singly this year, but I am worried about finding a way to do my taxes online for free. There's lots of options out there, but there's also a lot of "tricky" sites that don't actually show you the free option. Thank you, ProPublica for highlighting this problem!


Serena S.

Not really. Shouldn't be too much of a difference, but we're sure about to find out


James H.

No concerns. My income was similar as last year. Last year an accountant did my taxes and shared the completed forms with me. This year, I will use those forms as a guide to file by myself.

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