What would you do for extra money?

Started by Michell H.
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Michell H.

Since I'm retired, I decided a couple years ago to mystery shop. It's a lot of fun and I get a 3-4 fold return on what I spend, even if I only spend on transportation. Best investment I ever made. Now I'm looking for other gigs, my phone is full of apps,
I'm donating plasma for 1k+promotions and found a research place that pays for poo But, Im Outside their service area. If I can find an active research for sleep study, I've got it made.


Michell H.

MY NEWEST VENTURE: I haven't celebrated me since I turned 18. I decided to change that this year so, I decided to go Christmas shopping or myself. . I took the dive and downloaded a fractional investment robo-investor app at the end of September. I don't know much about the stock market but.I know what influences me as a consumer. That's not much but, we never start from the top an work our way own.

Now, I've got a real high opinion of myself, my time and effort are valuable and I'm going to bargain for the highest return I can accomplish. I also deserve nice things XD. I can't afford the things I deserve and realized, "I need credit" so. the first thing I went hopping for was MONEY. I found a whole bunch of lines of credit at discount rates that are just tanking. I figured I'd better get them now, before the holiday shopping begins to drive them up. I got some visa, master, amex and discover. I also found some great rates with bank of america, citi and some other financial institutions.

Now that I have all this money, I ha to decide what are the best places to find anything I want. I found amazon first thing, and boy-oh-boy, their prices are falling at breakneck speeds. I also found discounted prices at walmart, dicks goods and ralph lauren. can't forget albertsons and molson coors for the food and healthy, non-alcoholic cbc water. i'm still deciding on the items I want to buy myself but, for sure, electronics and clothes are at the top of my list. I'm waiting for the release of amazon and disneys 'micky mouse alexa', i got some lithium batteries, for the phone i got, since theres a shortage, some cotton items. of course, you cant go wrong with music and, theres a place thats about to open where you can buy by-the-song. im so glad i'm finding all these great rates before the holiday season drives the prices up. Its nice to treat yourself for the holidays.


Debby T.

I'm on survey sites And I do Receipt sites.its not slot of money but it adds up over time I also do some investment sites which I'm making good money from.


Kole M.

My first thought was get an additional job or take on odd jobs. These are some good ways to get extra cash that I haven't heard of.


Jaquisha C.

I love fletch that's how I get Gift cards by just scanning receipts.


Eleanor T.

I hope this app actually allows me to utilize the points system and the savings

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