How to Have Your Student Loans Forgiven

Student loan debt is very common. If you have student loans, your payments may impact how you live your life in significant ways. So as you work to pay off your student loans, it’s important to understand the options that exist for student loan forgiveness.

Here are three student loan forgiveness programs you should be aware of:

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Public Service Loan Forgiveness and Teacher Loan Forgiveness apply to federal student loans that you’ve borrowed, but not to any Perkins Loans. The Perkins Loan program was discontinued in 2017, but you might still be eligible for loan cancellation programs if you have Perkins Loans. Perkins Loan Cancellation through Teaching To have your Perkins Loans… Read more

Do I Qualify for Teacher Loan Forgiveness?

If you are a teacher or work for an educational service and also have federal student loans, you may qualify for Teacher Loan Forgiveness. Requirements for Teacher Loan Forgiveness Eligibility To qualify for Teacher Loan Forgiveness, you must have direct loans or FFEL Program loans borrowed after Oct. 1, 1998. You also need to be… Read more

Do I Qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness?

To participate in Public Service Loan Forgiveness, make sure that you meet all the requirements. You must have the right type of loans, the correct occupation, a full-time job, and the correct repayment plan. Plus, you need to make eligible payments for ten years. After ten years, if you meet all of these conditions, you… Read more