How to Save Money Every Day

Making simple changes to your spending can be an easy way to help you start saving. Learn how to save money on everyday expenses like groceries, transportation and entertainment. This video will show you easy changes to make so you can start saving.

Here are some of the fun ideas suggested in this video:

  • Make your own coffee: If you rely on coffee to get you through work every day, this small change could save you $50-700/year.
  • Make your own lunch: Save up to $500-1,900/year by packing lunch ahead of time and avoiding eating out.
  • Shop with a list: It’s easy to forget about your budget when you’re in the checkout line of the supermarket. Create a list of what you actually need before you go shopping to cut down on impulse spending.
  • Compare prices: You can check the price per unit on items you’re buying to see which is actually a better deal: the 174-pack of diapers for $38.98, or the 80-pack for $29.95?

Check out the full video for more cool money-saving suggestions!


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