How to Earn Points for Saving

How do I earn points for saving $5 every week in my linked bank account?

Every week, you can save $5 or more in your linked account to earn 250 points. You can redeem those points for a Scratch & Save card! We check your balance Mondays at 9am PT to see if your savings has increased by $5 over the last week.

Here’s how we calculate net increase:

  • If you deposit $5 in one week, your net balance has increased by $5 (+5).
  • If you withdraw $2 during the week, but then deposit $5 that same week, your net balance has increased by $3 (-2+5).
  • If you deposit $15, then withdraw $10, your net balance has increased by $5 (+15-10).

We recommend that you save $5 before Friday to guarantee you’ll earn 250 points. It can take a couple of days for your savings activity to update in SaverLife. A great way to make sure you’re eligible to receive the points is to set up auto transfer to the account that’s linked to SaverLife.

Save $5 in your linked account now to earn your 250 points next week! If your bank account is disconnected, be sure to reconnect it so you don’t miss out on any rewards!

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