Will you put money aside for the child?

Started by Marisol C.
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Samantha F.

Yes I'm gonna be having another so I'll need to save the money


April J.

Yes, I will put my son's money on the side for his savings.


Tonya B.

Definitely will be putting some of the money into saving for their future.


Anonymized A.

I started a savings account for each of my kids that I deposit money into monthly. When they turn 18 it is theirs with one condition…as soon as they take money out from it I stop putting money into it! My daughter is 20 and hasn't touched it.


Wendy M.

Thought it was given to us to spend on the kid throughout the year so they never go without. I am gonna save it? Why?


Serena S.

With all of the jumping off of the highest things they can find, I always have some on the side for when they eventually need stitches. ._.


Taneisha C.

Yes, 100% in a children CD at my credit union so they can collect some pennies on there few dollars.


Pepsi S.

I have been saving mine to take my daughter on a nice summer vacation that she's been wanting to take.

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