Emergency help Asap

Started by Sheila K.
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Sheila K.

I am in need fast of help 3 months looking and going in circles my man is work as needed lost my snap and filing again cause past job not got in time now all my bills are getting turned of power off 2 days ago and my pets my kids are having to fight for their life dont got nothing left and i been asking the places and gov even prestendent family soon to be homeless need help now this viruse killed our stable life and i cant get car fuxed to find job please i am through and cant do it no more 38 and nobody wants to help nor listen for the signs and cant take it no more.


Debby T.

OMG Sheila I really feel for you! Were you able to vet some kind of help? This pandemic has been hard on us regular people just trying to survive.


Sarah S.

I live in Houston and tons of places are hiring. The city is giving out money for rent. You just have to apply, and all the schools are giving out free food during the school day. They just started weekend food packages as well, so kids can eat on the weekend too. Churches offer food and clothing as well as places like the Food Bank. I don't know where you live, but I would definitely go to your local public library and use their computer to look up local Covid resources. There is a lot of federal and state money available to help those in need. Plus, you can check work boards as well while your there. I found a great part-time job to help make ends meet on Indeed.


Ronda H.

Also if you have students in school reach out to the school district. They may have resources as well.

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