Financial struggles with young children

Started by Barbara C.
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Barbara C.

I have been struggling for almost 2 years now with no help for the majority of the time from my kids father. I have been jobless and lost my schooling I was in for college because it has been a $@!#% of a roller coaster. I have been doing as many odd jobs as I can and had a job but that got ruined by my ex and also my being sick for ONE DAY WITH A 102 temp didn't help the situation either. (So jobless again) to where I'm litterally living off my middle child's Ssi payments a month(autistic) and doing as many odd jobs as possible while looking for employment and trying to find daycare or in home providers I can afford and trust let alone have the ability to manage my special needs children accordingly. It's been on rollercoaster after another and I will get through this…..I always have managed to and found a way to get out of the hard times and I will do it again. Even going through this separation and divorce with my 3 young children residing with me and only having me in their lives(not my choice, their dad walked out).


Renee P.

Unfortunately men do not feel the bond to children that the Mothers have to their children. The lawyer makes it worse by using the term “Husband” on the legal papers. I made my lawyer change all the “Husband” to “Father” on all my Separation and Divorce legal papers. I knew my ex did not want to be my husband anymore. I prayed that he still wanted to be the kids Father. I got a coupon and gave my Ex 8 by 10 inch pictures of the kids for his place. I picked up the kid or kids any time he told me to. I alway made sure that the kids were well fed before I dropped them off at my Ex’s house. I eventually got child support and alimony. My Ex turned into a better every other week end Dad than a full time Dad. I prayed a lot.

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