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Started by Angela A.
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Angela A.

I study government grants information. Go here for rent and mortgage help. Local economic and community development agencies. Your city for housing repair debt credit help. Good luck everyone.


Gage P.

Thanks for the heads up.


A K.

Apply for the Emergency Broadband Benefit. If you qualify, you can get $50/month off your internet bill, as long as your provider participates in the program. I think all the big ones do, but those of us that live in the country without cable access might not be able to use it.

Read about it here:

Also check if you qualify for the federal Lifeline program, which offers a discount on phone service. I think it's about $10/month. You can apply here:


Renee P.

Thank you for this information.


Jaquisha C.

Great info Thanks I will share with others also I got approved for it Aswell.


Nahuel C.

Gracias por la información


Noreen D.

Informative thanks will pass it on to friends


Regina M.

Good information….thank you


Janna J.

Awesome good to know


Serena J.

Heyyy if anyone knows where I can get help at please let me know lost my job because of the virus and fix to be homeless


Terry C.

Good information, I will pass it along!


Desiree V.

Thanks. I’ve done the ebb but not sure what to do after I’ve been approved like none of the companies understand what I’m trying to do and just lead me to a different place it’s quite annoying


M K.

@Desiree V. I wasn't able to take advantage of the EBB because my internet provider is a small carrier and does not participate. They'd never heard of the program, either. The big companies like Comcast, AT&T, etc. do participate and should know exactly what to do. We don't really have a choice where I live because we can't get cable out here, and there are only a couple small companies that offer internet.


Janna J.

They've came out with portable wy fi and it works good .

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