Help with sick dog vet bills

Started by Jessica H.
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Jessica H.

I live in VA and need help with my sick dogs vet bills. Any suggestions?


Renee P.

Animals are an expensive luxury. The animal shelter will take your sick animal.


M K.

Animals are not a luxury. They are sentient beings and deserve to live the same as we do, especially since dogs and cats, in particular, were domesticated by humans and are completely dependent on them. When you adopt one, it's a lifetime commitment, and they are a part of your family. It's disgusting to suggest that Jessica should dump her beloved companion at a shelter, where he will be frightened and confused and almost certainly euthanized. As if both Jessica and her dog aren't suffering enough already.

Public animal shelters are supported by taxpayers. Private shelters depend on kind, unselfish, responsible people who donate to them. Both kinds are constantly underfunded, and most shelters are overwhelmed right now. When you dump an animal at a shelter because they've become inconvenient, you pass your responsibility on to someone else. Shelter workers don't enjoy euthanizing animals and suffer emotionally. The ones that I know cry every single time. My family has spent the last 25 years picking up the pieces when irresponsible people dump their animals on my property. I currently have 12 cats and a dog that I'm caring for and looking to place in good homes, thanks to people who considered them a luxury or a nuisance. And guess what, if I took them to a shelter, I'd be charged a $25 fee, even though they're not mine. But I don't do that because I'm responsible and kind.

A couple of good suggestions regarding financial assistance were made above. You might also check with local shelters to see if any provide emergency financial assistance. I know of a couple in my area who specialize in helping low-income pet owners with food and veterinary bills, so hopefully there are some near you, too. Also talk to your vet. They may have a payment plan or give you a discount if they know you're having trouble paying the bill. Good luck to you and your doggo!

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