Started by Nyeyoup G.
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Nyeyoup G.

I am 25 years young, and unfortunately I have no family and true friends to help me get out of this situation. When I was 19 I committed a crime for theft, I stole a lip gloss at a mall, when your poor you make poor decisions. Not justify my actions at all I am truly disappointed. Now at 25 I still suffer the consequences of my action it’s extremely hard to find a permanent Job. So right now I find way to make money by selling tshirts, and cookies. There is a lot going on and I just need support and I don’t think I am eligible for the stimulus check.


Jacqueline G.

I am not sure where you are but there are programs available to help you with training and employment. Please call your information line for these kinds of programs.


Shannon P.

Prayers for you. Everybody makes mistakes ,perhaps for now maybe you could start with just a minimum wage job and eventually work your way up.


Tonyelle D.

You can file your taxes and get the stimulus that way


Brent D.

Pray for all the homeless please


Alan H.

Start out small. Many restaurants don’t do background checks. You can look at getting prior charges removed.


Anonymized A.

Praying for you.


Kevin B.

Homeless. Yes. I'd rather use the words 'Housing Challenged. These folks are just like everyone else. Remember that. Sometimes mistakes are made. And sometimes not. Do not judge them or really anyone for that matter. I have seen so many that have and guess what? They have little secrets or things that happened to them whether it be their fault or not. Sometimes serious things. Yet, they somehow hung on to their homes and because they kept them and really no one knew, they still judged, made fun of, accused etc…I have also, especially in the last year seen quite a few folks that did nothing wrong nor made bad decisions and ended up with no home or anything else. Still even knowing that, some folks did all of what I mentioned and gave no support and never lifted a finger to help at all. You see. We all are really in this together. You shouldn't have to pick and choose and leave great people, human beings left out to dry and with a smile on your face. Just, take it slow. Do what you can when you can and even if monetarily you cannot help, ask if there was something else you could do ir just talk to them. Remind them to Always Believe. Believe in themselves and that they have a future and that things will be OK. You'll be surprised how far that can bring those folks forward and at least give them a glimmer of hope. That they are not alone…..


A K.

I hope things get better for you!


Heather M.

Current situation!


Ty W.

When applying for a job you just have to be honest about your past. Explaining that you made a mistake when you were 19 and that you have learned from that mistake is much better than ignoring it and having the potential employer find out then have to question your honesty.


Travis D.

Hammocks and my motorcycle for life. Screw rent and mortgages.


M K.

@Travis D. I love it, and I envy you!


Renee P.

May God help the Housing Challenged find places in Homeless Shelters. May they work with the programs and eventually find a permanent home.

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