Needing financial help soon

Started by Meagan L.
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Meagan L.

I live in a small town with my partner, our 7 yr old son, and my 3 furbabies (cats). For over 5 years i was the only one working and supporting my family financially. I thought i was doing well to support my little family during these times by stretching my money as far as I could. Trying to find a job in this small town has been harder than ever before. My partner and I were also denied for unemployment help. Our bills are past due and piling up drowning us into debt little by little. My household has been filled with way more stress, fear and anxiety since the pandemic started. We really need a breakthrough soon!! Please. And thank you


Melissa D.

Make sure you are applying to the right program for unemployment. The CARES act set up a separate Pandemic Unemployment Assistance for self-employed persons and others who would not normally qualify for unemployment. Different states are administering it differently.


Kevin B.

I waited 10 months for unemployment. I exhausted all my ideas and connections. I ended up getting it. Just a couple of weeks ago. PUA. In the end, I reached out to my St Senator. And in about 8 hours, unemployment had sent me a notification for an alert. They did alright. A notice that I was getting all of it. Even back pay. So, keep trying and believing. Try your Mayor as well. Keep your head held high and fight for you and your family. Good luck.
Ke im


Alan H.

Craigslist is good. Lots of remote customer service jobs available on LinkedIn. A lot of companies need customer service reps to answer client chat and email messages. They are usually all remote. A tech company will have great benefits.


Brent D.

I really need some help


Anonymized A.

I am in need for financial assistance. Where is a good place to start with help with rent payment?


John B.

I need help with bills, where can I find help


Tonyelle D.

I need help right now


Francia P.

Does anyone know who is helping out with down payment assistance in new jersey for a home right now?


Renee P.

I gave my fur baby away. The Vet bills were unaffordable. This helped my budget a lot.


Edward P.

Broke as $@!#%. Applied for jobs every where. Just gotta keep on trying. But being homeless is hard


A K.

See if you qualify for the federal Lifeline program, which offers a discount on phone service. I think it's about $10/month. You can apply here:

Apply for the Emergency Broadband Benefit. If you qualify, you can get $50/month off your internet bill, as long as your provider participates in the program. I think all the big ones do, but those of us that live in the country without cable access might not be able to use it.

Read about it here:

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