Recommendations for a loan for people with bad credit

Started by Amanda A.
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Amanda A.

Can anybody recommend a few places that give loans to people who have really bad credit I am self employed and receiving unemployment due to lack of any income anyhow I broke my knee a few months back and it has been extremely difficult I've put a huge dent in my savings and barely am getting by at the moment while I'm still continuing to heal and get back to being "normal " as you could say however I just had a very unexpected unfortunate event happen and I am in desperate need of a loan can anyone recommend anywhere who would possibly give me a loan I have pretty bad credit .


Jason T.

They are few in between but running ur SSN blocks a lot of them out


Amanda C.

As far as finding loans for people with bad credit I haven't found any. The only ones available to us are the ones you need collateral for such as title and payday loans. There are alot of resources on the Fresh EBT app such as this one SaverLife. I will share anything new I come across.


Tracy A.

And all the little payday loans are a joke online they just keep throwing you from one page to another and then tell you that you don't qualify



Christine W.

Try credit card companies that have secured cards or chime has a credit builder card i just got it today to help build better credit


Theresa B.

To me all have high rates. I said stay away.


Ty W.

Free services like Credit Karma make their money by matching their customers with credit cards / loans that they qualify for. This may be how you can get connected to a company that will help you.


Tonyelle D.

Following need this now


Amanda H.

Does anyone know where I could get help with food an a deposit I just got section 8 an I need help please!! I'm not used to doing this on my own an it's scary!! Me an my ex-husband are going thru a divorce I walked in on him an my best friend needless to say he's no longer here any more but she lives downstairs from me I have to get away from here someone please send me numbers that could possibly help me please I have never asked for help me if there are organizations that could help me please let me know thank you everyone


Jenice P.

Amanda, Check with CalFresh for food and google food banks in your area. In California, you can dial 211,( I'm sure there's a number in your area) let them know what you need and they will provide you with resources. Wishing you the best. Good luck.

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